Lewati navigasi

this is my first time travelled with my friend Angel. i want give you some review


first day, friday 

Departed from Yogyakarta on thursday at 08:45 p.m n just arrived on friday at 05:00 a.m. Go to toilet n take some picture of station.

Wanna shout “jogjaaaaaaa!!!” This is the first time I come to here. When we (me n Angel) step out of station, Yogyakarta really look a like a tourism city.

We’re not yet booked a hotel. Our plan is looking for a gusthouse near station around pasar kembangan and sastrowijayan. it’s near from station.

After look for some guesthouse we decide to stay at guesthouse bu purwo, little guesthouse contains only 7 rooms maybe. Range rooms Rp.135.000,- until Rp.225.000,-.
And we choose the most expensive room, because have AC n smell not bad (d cheaper rooms have bad smell).

we are take a rest for a couple hours. we decide to go to “candi borobudur” first. but before we starts our journey, we looking for some culinary and choose “soto ayam” . from malioboro to borobudur takes around 2 – 3 hours. 

by transjakarta and other bus we are arrived in candi borobudur at 11.00 pm. candi borobudur so far from malioboro. and it’s need a half hour to reach the temple. the route is not easy for people above of 60 years old. take some pictures and we go to our next destination “lampion park”, it’s near from borobudur. after that we go to guesthouse arrived at 7.00 pm



second day, saturday 

(to be continued)





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